A delicious odyssey has begun…

We are two lovers of hoppers, one from Melbourne and one from Sri Lanka, who came together united in our passion for each other, for healthy and ethical food, and for this humble Sri Lankan inspired dish. And so began the story of Hopper Kadé.

Hopper Kadé takes familiar foods and infuses them with Sri Lankan flavours to create a range of signature hoppers unlike anything else. Not only are they delicious, but they’re light and wholesome.

We love the history and inherent goodness in Sri Lankan cooking, but wanted to make it ready-to-go and healthier, while keeping its delicious flavours. Hopper Kadé combines the goodness of Sri Lankan cuisine, with its use of wholefoods and Aryuvedic properties passed down over the centuries, with foods we all know and love.

We specialise in bowl shaped crepe-like hoppers. Hopper Kadé has been delighting hopper hounds with never-seen-before creations, like Naana-tella (Queensland banana, lashings of nutella and coconut) and the Ozzie Hopper (caramelised salted bacon with a tomato relish), all exclusively made using our own house-made recipes.

Hopper Kadé trades at The Tramsheds, Sydney’s newest foodie precinct, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am till 10pm.

We are excited to be sharing our joy of hoppers with the world and look forward to welcoming you soon at Hopper Kadé.