“If you haven’t eaten a hopper, you need to rectify that immediately. A type of bowl-shaped pancake made with rice and coconut milk and traditionally filled with an egg and other toppings, the Sri Lankan street delicacy has been labelled the next big thing in food. And with good reason — these things are bloody delicious.” Concrete Playground Feb 10, 2017

What is a hopper?

Hoppers are fermented rice flour crepe bowls from Sri Lanka, cooked in a special pan called an appachetty. Hoppers are ghee-free, dairy-free and wheat-free – so it’s healthy and light yet steeped in tradition and flavour. They’re traditionally a breakfast food, but we love them so much that we’ve reinvented the hopper to be eaten anytime!

The first of its kind, Hopper Kadé is a Sri Lankan inspired eatery specialising in ‘modern hoppers’. At Hopper Kadé we load them with all sorts of delicious fillings – sweet or savoury.

The end result? A fresh snack or meal, that’s ready-to-go. And with no guilt, because it’s wholesome food that is good for you!

Where are we now?

Hopper Kadé is currently getting ready to launch it’s flagship eatery. There’s a lot to do, but we are confident to have a new location open in the New Year of 2018.
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